Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Cheap Chocolate Day!

I'm experiencing a bigger-than-normal post-con crash, probably mostly due to the massive allergy attack that hit me Saturday evening -- I was fine one minute, and the next I was suddenly sneezing my head off. I seem to be fine today after taking antihistamines Saturday night and then again Sunday after I got home, but I seem to have a lingering tiredness that makes my usual post-social introvert crash even worse, compounded by the antihistamine hangover. And maybe the fact that I stayed up reading way too late last night (you know it's a good book when you can stay up until 12:45 reading, not realizing that it's even after 11, after taking Benadryl).

I declared today a semi holiday, since it is a Federal holiday and I did work all weekend. I slept very late, mostly because I woke up from a weird dream in which I was the main character in the book I'm currently writing, and I needed to lie there a while to process what it might have meant and if there was anything from the dream I could use, and that thinking sent me off to sleep again. I'm meeting with a book club tonight, so I may need a nap this afternoon so I can be bright and perky and social again.

I won't try to give a long convention report because I suspect that most of those "I checked in at the hotel, then had lunch with this person, then saw that person, then went to this panel" reports are primarily of interest to those whose names are being dropped. I had more fun than I anticipated, given that I was reluctant to go out at all this weekend. I did one more panel than planned, since there were a lot of people who either couldn't make it due to weather or illness or who were running late due to road conditions or other issues. Someone coined the term "White Goth" to describe me, and I'm not entirely sure how that works, though if you're doing that like "white witch" vs. "black witch" then maybe it boils down to the kind of quasi-retro romanticism without the fascination with darkness, and I guess that works. I had my reading with A. Lee Martinez, and we actually had a full room, even at ten on a Sunday morning. I suspect most of them were there to hear him, but they didn't leave when it was my turn. I didn't really hit the party scene at this convention. Friday night, I wanted to be home before it went below freezing because the roads were still wet. Saturday night, the sneezing and sniffling were getting really bad, so I bailed early. And that's about it.

I managed to observe both Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day -- the con suite had Chinese dumplings, and I grabbed a couple of those during my break between reading and panel. Then on my way home, I stopped by the library because the new Connie Willis book was ready to be picked up (yay! -- and you can see why I was reading until 12:45), then I picked up a couple of the divine brownies from the cafe at the library. I made a steak dinner that night and then watched a sappy romantic movie on Lifetime while switching over to figure skating during commercials.

Basically, chocolate+tea+Connie Willis+sappy movie+figure skating=love.

And, finally, our snow is all gone. Friday, it was kind of weird seeing the whole area blanketed in snow. That's something you don't see often around here. It was almost all gone by Saturday evening, and totally gone on Sunday. It's probably for the best because we mostly went from pretty snow to nothing, without the lingering icky gray slush stage.

Now to napping/reading, I think.

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