Monday, November 16, 2009

Done! (Sort of)

The latest draft was finished shortly after 1 in the morning on Saturday (so it was a very late night Friday night).

And then my next-door neighbor's clock radio alarm went off at 4:50 Saturday morning. Which explains why one of my grand success fantasies is selling the townhouse and getting a house where none of my walls connect with anyone else's. Or else finding a way to soundproof the connecting wall (because moving would be a real hassle, and I'd have to do a lot of work on this place to sell it even in a decent economy).

I had zero brainpower left, so my weekend mostly involved spending the days with friends and the evenings with the television. Saturday night, I was such a zombie that I couldn't even manage to read, and I couldn't follow anything on TV that was too complex or intense. So, I watched last week's CSI crossover trilogy OnDemand.

And how did I not know about CSI Miami being the funniest show on TV? It's like the Saturday Night Live version of a CSI show. I laughed until I think I broke something, and I definitely laughed until I cried. Mostly, it's the acting. Most of the cast sounds like they're reading the script for the very first time off cue cards, and they're stumbling over the hard words. Then there's David Caruso, who somehow manages to deliver every single line as though he's a bad soap opera doctor giving a terminal diagnosis. "I'm afraid it's (dramatic pause, then in an ominous whisper) cancer." Except, in this context it's more like, "We should dust for (dramatic pause, then in an ominous whisper) fingerprints." Now I know what to pull up OnDemand if I've had a bad day and need to laugh myself silly. Or maybe that was just the effect of the zombie Book Brain, and at any other time it would just be excruciatingly bad.

Sunday, we gathered for a viewing of a certain British "medical drama" that had a new episode in the UK (ahem). And then that night, I caught up on my taped TV from the week before.

Now, though, I have a marathon stretch ahead of me, with one last pass through the book. I have my list of "remind me to go back in time and put a trash can here" items to Bill and Ted, and I'd like to cut around 1,000 words, which means I probably need to cut more than that because the Bill and Tedding will add words, though there may be some reverse Bill and Tedding, as I think there are a few things I set up and didn't end up using because I changed my mind when I got there. And then tomorrow (or whenever I finish), the vacation starts. Yay!

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