Friday, April 11, 2008

Wardrove Over-Function?

Yay! It's Friday! And that shouldn't matter to me, since it's not as though I have a normal work week, but I still like Fridays, especially now that my Sci Fi Fridays are almost complete. Oh, and for a programming note, tonight's Sci Fi prime time starts a half hour earlier, at 6:30 Central Time. I'm trying to decide if I want pizza or fajitas for tonight.

I have been pondering something Battlestar Galactica-related that's really bugging me: Where did Lee Adama get these civilian clothes he's been wearing, especially his perfectly tailored suits? He came on board with what he carried in a Viper, which was pretty much the uniforms he'd need for the various events he was having to go to. I seriously doubt he had a civilian suit, too, just in case, and that's not a body that can buy clothes off-the-rack or borrow them from just about anyone and have them fit. He's got a tiny frame with a lot of muscle packed onto it, so a suit would have to accommodate shoulders and biceps, but also a very slim waist and probably short arms and legs. And yet they seem to have found him a perfectly fitting suit in no time at all. I guess there's a textile ship in the fleet and a really bored tailor.

Yeah, I know that this is a weird thing to strain my ability to believe in a show that involves robots that are indistinguishable from humans and who can download their consciousness into another body in a vat of goo when they get killed, but that's part of the premise of the show, and shortages and awareness that this is all they've got has also been part of the premise of the show. They made a point of Roslin saying she had only three outfits for the rest of her life, of showing the search for food, water and fuel. Previously, Lee had to resort to what were obviously ship-issued sweats for off-duty wear, and when he did get some civilian clothes in a later season, they didn't quite fit -- his shirts fit across the shoulders but were obviously too loose around the middle. They've been so good with that kind of detail, so now it's jarring enough that I find myself totally distracted by wondering where he got those clothes.

In other news, it turns out the storm I totally slept through hit my neighborhood harder than I realized. My neighbor's fence got blown over, and according to the newspaper, there were trees knocked over and roofs damaged. I was very, very lucky to have no damage.

Meanwhile, I now have the first copies of Don't Hex With Texas. My editor sent me a few, hot off the press. I'm glad they do this because it takes a little time to get used to the way a book looks when it comes to life, and I wouldn't want to have to make that adjustment in the bookstore. We are back to the matte cover (the gloss last time was a mistake). It's very pretty, but still doesn't feel real.

And finally, apparently I am a "cool nerd queen," but I've always preferred the term "stealth geek goddess." However, I may be even nerdier since I found myself wanting to correct some of the questions or suggest some that might give a more accurate outcome. The quiz certainly seemed to reflect the interest and biases of the author. I'm surprised I wasn't that nerdy in social skills, given that I don't date. says I'm a Cool Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

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