Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Admin Type Stuff

I've got a bunch of little catch-up things I keep forgetting to tell everyone about, so this will be kind of an admin post.

If you're into e-books, Diesel e-books is offering 20 percent off my books to my readers. Here's the "store" with my books. Enter coupon code SWEN1c069 to get the discount. This offer is good for the next 45 days. Looks like a good way to load your e-reader for summer vacations or to review before the new book comes out if you don't have your own copies already.

Then, if you want to discuss Enchanted, Inc. with other readers, there's a book club discussion at What Women Read.

Meanwhile, did you know there's a LiveJournal Enchanted, Inc. community? It's pretty quiet there, but it is open for discussion of the books. I may even pop in from time to time.

I'm starting to get to the bottom of my list of writing topics to discuss, so does anyone have any questions about writing? (The how-to craft angle.) I'm also open to answering questions about the publishing world and how that works. Leave comments if you've got questions.

I think I'm about ready to start drafting another book. I've hand-written the first few paragraphs because they just came to me, and even though I haven't thoroughly developed characters or outlined a plot yet, I think I'm going to start writing and see what happens. After about fifty pages, then I'll have a better sense of the story and can do more development work.

Now I need to go vote in a runoff election. Wouldn't you know, the polling place for this one isn't the rec center a few blocks away, but rather the middle school on the far end of the neighborhood. It's too close to justify driving without another errand along the way, but far enough to be a long walk. However, I need the exercise.

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