Monday, April 07, 2008

Ah, Monday

I do finally have my car, after some hassle and frustration. Now I'm in the adjustment phase of getting used to driving something different after nearly eleven years. I know I said color wasn't that important to me, but I really do like this color. In addition to making it my "little blue box" it's my absolute favorite shade of my favorite color, which is nice.

Getting the car Saturday evening was the cap to a really nice Saturday. It was a perfect spring day, and I went with some friends to the botanical gardens in Fort Worth. This is one of the best times of year in Texas, and one of the reasons is the bluebonnets (yeah, blue again). They're all along the sides of highways, in a kind of bluish/purple carpet, but this is at the botanical gardens.

Meanwhile, we found ourselves plotting a Saturday-night movie for the Sci Fi Channel. They have koi in the pools at the Japanese gardens, and they definitely prove that the Pavlovian response works in fish, too. If people so much as stood in a place where people often stand to throw fish food in the water, the fish would all rush over there, their mouths wide open, and then if food did get tossed, the waters would soon be churning. Thus, our planned film Koi: The Feeding Frenzy (because you know they're going to run out of creatures and monsters before long).

We've finally ended the Jane Austen-fest on Masterpiece Theater, and, alas, next is a remake of A Room With a View. Why? The movie is just about perfect, so why does it need to be re-made? There are a lot of other books out there that haven't been made into movies, so why keep remaking the same ones? Especially when there's already a version that has to be definitive? Though, I must admit I kind of felt that way about Sense and Sensibility, but I quite liked the miniseries that was just on, though I suspect my appreciation for that story is waning as I become old and cranky. Or maybe I just over-identify with the Elinor story. Not only am I the reserved, practical one, but I've been through a few too many Edward-like situations, where I finally manage to convince myself that a guy might actually like me, and then I find out that he's had a girlfriend all along (though at least Edward didn't cause Elinor to think that he might like her while getting her to help him with his trigonometry homework). It's probably because of the Edwards in my life that I'm so romantically challenged now. If that happens to you enough times, you lose faith in your own judgment and you become even more terrified of showing your own feelings, in case you end up being wrong again, and you don't want to make a fool of yourself by showing that you like someone in case he's already taken. At least at my age, most of the taken ones are wearing wedding rings, which helps, but I'd probably have to get an outright declaration of feelings, possibly signed in blood, before I'd let myself believe that a man really did have an interest in me and before I'd be willing to express an interest. So, yeah, I kind of wanted Elinor to smack Edward upside the head. If they can add kissing and wet shirts to Jane Austen adaptations, why not a little violence?

Now to make my first grocery store trip in the new car.

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