Monday, April 21, 2008

Saving a Name

The parental units came over this morning, so I've been off shopping and having lunch, and therefore have a very late start on my day.

I'm working on developing the backstory for the book I'm playing with. It's one of those situations where I need to know the entire history of the society I'm dealing with in order to coherently write about what's going on now, even if 98 percent of that stuff never shows up in the book. And that means timelines, family trees and that sort of thing. Most of my major characters have some kind of connection to each other, even if it's way back in the past. I'm cheating a little bit by somewhat basing it on an actual historical situation and borrowing a few other bits and pieces I like from other parts of history. That means I spent the weekend reading about long-lasting dynastic wars.

I think that character who jumped from my mental fanfic into this book may get a name I've been saving for a long time. There's a name I've always wanted to use for a character, but I haven't found quite the right character. It really would be good for her, just perfect, and she seems to be right for it. But there's also a part of me that's reluctant to use it because if I use it now, that means I probably shouldn't use it again later. And what if I come up with an even better character who needs that name? I've already started thinking of her by this name, so it looks like it will stick. For now.

And now I'm either going to get to work or take a nap. I have a feeling that once I start trying to work I'll end up napping ...

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