Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Recovery Phase

I think I remember why the "nothing" in my all-or-nothing routine tends to come about. There's something incredibly mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting about pouring out a book in a frenzy like that. Yesterday morning, I was still on the adrenaline high, but then when it wore off, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Unfortunately, it wore off while I was in the mall, so suddenly I didn't have the energy to seriously shop or try things on. But there do seem to be some cute things for the fall, and finally in colors I can wear (unlike last year's weird, murky colors), so when I have energy I may go back.

So, I just crawled my way over to the movie theater from there and finally saw the third Pirates movie. I'm not even sure what I think about it, quality-wise, but for the most part it was the perfect thing to watch when I was utterly brainless. I might not have liked it if I'd had the mental capacity to analyze it. I hadn't realized that Norrington was played by the guy from Coupling, probably because I hadn't seen Coupling until recently (and, oddly, I never put it together from the other side when I started watching Coupling). But as soon as I heard his voice, all I could imagine was him sitting in a pub and whining about women, and that caused many a giggle fit throughout the movie. I was picturing him in the Norrington costume, sitting in the Coupling pub and complaining about Elizabeth and about how women say they want a nice guy, but then they go for the pirates.

Then I came home and more or less collapsed. I watched a lot of the special features on the Doctor Who DVDs and again got strange cases of giggles about the oddest things. I can see me now taking those DVDs next time I visit my parents and insisting they watch a particular special feature because it's so hilarious, and then when we watch it I won't remember why I thought it was so funny. (Yes, I was completely cracking up over the Confidentials. Go figure.)

This morning I had a freelance project to do, and then I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. I really liked it, but it made me even more exhausted. It was an excellent study in suspense and pacing. What I like about those movies is that while there are a lot of really famous people in them, somehow they're all just actors in them, so I really just see their characters and completely forget about who they are in real life. With most action movies, it's more like with the Big Action Star (*cough*TomCruise*cough) where there doesn't seem to be an actual character there and you just think of him as the star -- in fact, you can't forget who he is in real life.

And then I hit Target and the grocery store, since the hit-by-a-truck exhaustion came with a strange craving for carbs, and I had nothing suitable in the house last night. And now it's starting to rain, so I must sit downstairs in my living room and watch it while drinking tea and eating cookies.

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