Monday, July 02, 2007

Random Post-Weekend Catch-Up

I think this is going to be a disorganized, scattered post covering a lot of different topics. Tomorrow, though, I'll probably get back to archetypes because I've thought of a lot of new stuff.

We're still wet. It turns out that this June was the second-wettest June on record, and the tenth-wettest month ever on record. July is shaping up to go the same way, since it rained yesterday and last night, and the clouds are already forming today. I'm actually not minding it too much because that means it's been cool, and I like rainy weather. There are some downsides, though (I mean, other than the obvious things like flooding, ruined crops, economic impact, etc.). For one thing, I really need to be exercising because the RWA conference is next week, and most of my nice clothes are just a wee bit too snug, but it seems like whenever I try to take a walk, I get about fifteen minutes away from home and then it starts thundering. I also don't like driving in the rain, so I've been avoiding going out when it looks like it might rain, but that means I'm in danger of cabin fever since it's been raining every day. I could deal with it if it were a nice, steady drizzle, but we tend to get the gushing downpours that cause flash flooding and streets with rushing water. Seriously, last night on the news, they showed what looked like a raging river with white-capped rapids, and it turned out it was a freeway access road.

Then there are the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love me (I must be really sweet), and I react pretty strongly to mosquito bites. I've been spritzing my ankles with Off, but that doesn't always help. Maybe I need the more powerful stuff because I've been using the non-stinky formula, and I didn't notice on the label that it's only effective for a couple of hours. Saturday night, I went out, and I guess I got overconfident about my mosquito-repelling because I lingered in the driveway to chat, and then on the way home the itching starting. It seems that after the half-hour drive there, and then three Doctor Who episodes, the Off wore off and the mosquitoes were gnawing on my ankles. Fortunately, I had hydrocortisone cream in my purse to start rubbing on my ankles at stoplights, and then I took some Benadryl that night to help stop the itching, but I'm still red and itchy from those bites and it's driving me crazy. I've heard about these wristbands that do something to make you invisible to mosquitoes, and I'll have to check that out. Otherwise, this could be a miserable summer.

On the Doctor Who front, I've now seen the last three episodes of season three, and squeeeee! I'm just glad I didn't have to wait a week between episodes seeing all that. Now I can start the season on Sci Fi this weekend without having to worry about all that anxiety at the end. I've also almost finished season one of Supernatural, with just one episode to go. I know that one's cliffhangery, but I've already seen the conclusion. After that, I guess I'll work my way through the Harry Potter movies, and then I think I'm going to go back and watch Buffy (and then mix in Angel when that comes into play) from the beginning.

The rainy afternoons have been good for reading, so I'm working my way through the Harry Potter books (again) in preparation for the new book.

And I've just about got a proposal written on a new project. But now I want to rewrite the opening and the synopsis is becoming a real challenge because although I sort of have the story outlined, I have the strongest feeling it will end up rewriting itself as I go because I'll discover stuff along the way. As a result, the synopsis may involve a lot of handwaving.

Eventually, I need to tackle my e-mail. The in-box is nearing the 4,000 mark, which is ridiculous.

Now I'm going to attempt to take a walk before the afternoon rains start.

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