Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deleted Scenes!

Today, it seems I have to really return to the real world of work. There's a book proposal I need to be working on, and I did a newspaper interview this morning. Part of me is still in a bit of a haze, though. I finally got some good, restful sleep last night, but I could use more, and I have a ton of stuff I taped over the weekend that I need to watch. Oh, and I need groceries as I have almost no real food in the house. I also have almost no appetite right now, so that's not a huge issue, but real food might help with that. I do have ingredients for unreal food, as I'd planned to have all kinds of snacks and treats to enhance my reading experience, but I was too caught up in the book to actually eat anything, so that didn't happen. I am going to bake some "cauldron cakes" (a variation on cupcakes I'm more or less inventing) for a book group meeting/dinner party tomorrow night, though.

I do have a couple more archetype discussions I want to do, but that will require more mental acuity than I have at the moment, so maybe later in the week.

In the meantime, if you're like me and in that post-reading slump where you don't really want to start reading anything else, or if you're waiting to get your hands on a copy, I have some alternative reading for you. I've posted a bunch of deleted scenes from Damsel Under Stress to my web site, on the Damsel page. Some are alternate scenes, early versions before I changed my mind about what to do, and some were just deleted because the initial version of the book was way too long, and while those parts were fun if you love the characters, they didn't exactly move the plot forward. Plus, there's the original ending, before I realized I must have been in a really bad mood when I wrote it. If you think what's in the book was sad, wait until you read this! Of course, there are major spoilers involved.

Now to go see if I can find food I actually want to eat.

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