Monday, July 23, 2007

Back in the Real World

So, now I am home, and I'm a zombie from Potter Insomnia. Seriously, I never seem to be able to sleep during the first read of one of these books. I stopped at Target on the way home from my friends' house after we got back from Tulsa, bought The Book, got home, called Mom to let her know I got home alive, discussed some of our theories and speculation, then started reading at about 9:15. I forced myself to put the book down and go to bed around 1:30, but I might have been better off if I'd just stayed up all night reading because I tossed and turned and barely slept at all, then finally gave up and got up before 7. I held off reading again as long as I could, but it was a nice morning outside, so I sat on the patio reading a while until it got too hot, procrastinated some more, then finally settled down to read the ending and just finished about half an hour ago. Then I could finally go safely online. Yes, I managed to remain entirely unspoiled! Nobody at the con said anything, so it was with great relief that I left, but I joked that the clerk I bought the book from would blurt out something. Still, I managed to get home and sequestered without being spoiled, so it was all a huge surprise, and I love that. I didn't even look at the chapter titles that are printed in the front of the book.

And that's all I'm saying on that subject until much, much later, other than that all my archetype analysis gave me a few grins while reading because I was so very, very right about several things.

I had a blast at the con and am glad I went, even if it did delay my reading and keep me from a midnight bookstore party. The coolest thing was the birds of prey demo. I actually got to hold a baby owl and let it perch on my finger, and I got to put on the leather gauntlet and hold a hawk. I have photos, but because I have a film camera, I'll have to wait to finish the roll and get it developed before I can post pics of me and my birdy friends. They had the baby owl there Friday night for the Harry Potter party, and it allowed me to imagine what it would be like to hold Pig, though this owl was a lot calmer. I've always been fascinated with falconry, but I've never been this close to the birds before, and actually getting to hold them and pet them was a real thrill.

I think I was vaguely coherent and entertaining in my panels, as people from them then went and bought my books (they sold out of Enchanted, Inc.!). I got to meet Mercedes Lackey and managed not to do a total fangirl geekout (mostly because the baby owl was involved in the interaction and I was too busy geeking out about the baby owl).

I should probably try to take a nap because I'm speaking to a writing group tonight, but I'm still kind of bouncing and wired, and if I let myself go to sleep it will probably be a deep, long sleep once I finally settle down to go under, but I'll have to wake up prematurely from it in order to go out, and then I'll be groggy and will then have another sleepless night, so I think I'm going to force myself to stay awake until tonight. The hotel had those Sleep Number beds, and I must say, those were a huge disappointment. They're essentially air mattresses. Maybe they're comfortable if you like a firm mattress or if the important thing is being able to adjust the two sides of the bed differently, but if you like a soft mattress, you're basically sleeping on a deflated air mattress. I love my feather bed, which molds itself to me and manages to be both firm and soft. I'm sure I would have slept very well last night in my own bed after two nights of discomfort if it hadn't been for the Potter insomnia.

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