Friday, July 06, 2007

Lack of Communication

I had a really great topic for another archetype post today, but I'm speaking at a book festival this weekend, and I just found out this morning that I'm speaking this afternoon. Apparently, I was supposed to pick up the psychic signal letting me know that they'd posted the schedule on the web site so I could go check it and find out when and where I was supposed to be. At least, that's the impression I got from the response to my panicked e-mail last night to the organizer, mentioning that the festival was this weekend, and I still didn't know what I was speaking about or when. Is it too much to ask to expect someone arranging for speakers to at least send out a schedule, if they don't send out a personalized itinerary of what is expected of that person? Or at the very least, send out a notice that the schedule is now available on the web site. Because every other event I've ever participated in has told me ahead of time what I'm talking about and when, I was just waiting to be notified. (Can you tell that poor communication is one of my pet peeves?)

So, anyway, I've got a panel this afternoon on Empowering Women, and I guess I have a few things to say to that, since personal empowerment is kind of a metaphor I use in my books. And it doesn't look like I have to do anything else this weekend, unless I just want to go to downtown Dallas and sign books. But then, I don't know if I have a signing scheduled, or if I'm supposed to arrange that with the on-site booksellers. I may even be kind of naughty and skip the opening reception, since the new season of Doctor Who is premiering tonight, and a girl's got to have her priorities.

I'll do a make-up archetypes post tomorrow. Here's a hint: it's about Star Wars, and I think I've found the underlying fundamental reason the prequels didn't work. It's all about the archetypes.

And one other item I keep forgetting to mention. For those of you in the Dallas area or who will be attending the RWA national conference, the DFW Tea Readers Group is hosting a dessert reception next Saturday. There are lots of authors scheduled to be there, including me. Eat yummy desserts, buy books, get books signed. For more info or to buy a ticket, visit the DFW Tea web site. Deadline to buy tickets is next Friday.

So, now to make myself look reasonably presentable and make the journey to downtown Dallas. I hope we don't have another big storm on the way.

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