Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NY Meetup and stuff

Mostly business-type stuff today, as it's errand day and I have soooo much to do.

On the New York get-together: Looks like we'll go with Tuesday evening, around 6:30. I'm trying to accommodate the schedules of most of the people I've heard from. Most likely somewhere in the Grand Central vicinity. I should have an exact meeting place posted tomorrow. We might end up meeting at Posman Books within Grand Central, and then trooping to a place where we can chat. I'll also invite my editor and see if she wants to join us.

If you can't make that, I'll also be trying to drop in on most of the bookstores I can find in Manhattan to sign their stock, so if you're looking to buy books and want them signed, we might be able to arrange to meet up at a store.

I have locations for all the Borders and B&N stores, but I've been having a hard time finding independent stores in New York that look like they'd stock my books. Most of the ones I've found seem to be highly specialized (children's books, mysteries, New Age, non-fiction, travel, etc.) or used and rare. If you know a good independent store in New York that might stock my books and wouldn't be snooty about selling that sort of thing (sorry, but my experiences with non-specialty independent stores haven't always been the greatest -- I get a strong sense that my books aren't worthy enough), let me know! I've got a short list from searching Booksense, but there have to be more.

In other news, I've seen cover art for that Judy Blume tribute book I'll have an essay in next year, and it's really cute. I don't have time at the moment to post it, but I'll get to it eventually. The cool news is that Pocket Books will be putting the book out in hardcover, so it should get a little more attention that way.

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