Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foggy Ragweed Day

The ragweed levels have been extremely high the past few days, which is really messing with my thought processes. It's not so much the sniffling and sneezing, which haven't been too bad. There's just something about a lot of ragweed in the air that makes me so very tired. My body feels heavier. It's like someone cranked the gravity up a bit higher. Ugh.

I've been avoiding leaving the house, but I needed groceries and I had to go to the post office, so I had to go outside and face the pollen. I love the automated postal centers at the post office because they mean you don't have to wait in line to mail a package, but the down side is that now just about everyone in line has a pretty complicated issue that can't be done through the automated center. They're also doing passports now, which means I always get stuck in line behind at least three people who have to get their pictures taken and fill out all the forms. Just picking up a package took half an hour of waiting. Never mind that I shouldn't have had to go to the post office to pick up the package. I was home all day on the day they supposedly attempted to deliver. They just stuck a note in my box instead of even trying. Grrr. But I now have replenished supplies of Dr Pepper, and I have ingredients to make a spicy vegetable soup for dinner tonight, which may help clear my head, so I'm approaching happiness. I'd be happier if House wasn't off for baseball. I could use some good snark.

I'm still plugging away on the book, and it seems like each chapter needs two passes because at first I'll think it's okay the way it is, and then as I move on to the next chapter I realize that maybe the way things are doesn't fit what I'm trying to do now. But that means it's going to be hard work, and I don't want to change things. And then I realize I really need to, so I go back and do it. I could really save time if I could find a way to cut the whining out of the writing process, but it seems to be essential.

I am just about at the halfway point (or I will be as soon as I rewrite the last chapter I read), so go me!

Yesterday, I got to see the sales catalog page for Damsel Under Stress. That makes it a little more real. The release date will be May 1. I'd thought they were going with last Tuesday in April, but I guess since May 1 falls on a Tuesday, they're doing May 1 for that month's releases. Eventually, I'll figure out how all this publishing stuff works. At least I won't have the confusion as to whether this counts as an April release or a May release. The books are generally released at the end of one month, but considered to be released in the following month, so my April 25 book this year was a May book. Now I'll have a May book released on May 1.

I'm sure when I read that after ragweed levels drop, it will make no sense. The stuff I try to write today should be highly entertaining.

Finally, my Buy a Friend a Book Week guest blog at Trashionista is up today.

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