Thursday, April 06, 2006

TV, Reviews and another Blogosphere Visit

I get the interesting experience today of taping a TV interview show. It will only be shown on local access cable in Dallas, so I won't get to see it, and not even my mom will be watching, but you never know, someone might be bored enough to surf by. Besides, it's good practice in case Good Morning America calls. I should be good at this kind of thing, considering I have a degree in broadcast journalism. I've been on the other side of the microphone/camera a number of times, and I even used to do media training to coach other people how to do interviews. I just haven't spent a lot of time being the victim -- er, interviewee. This show also requires me to read from my work, which is still not something I'm entirely comfortable doing, for some weird reason. I'm having some trouble coming up with something to wear. Once upon a time, because of the TV news issue, most of my wardrobe was TV friendly -- no small patterns, bright, solid colors, no large amounts of white near the face. Now it seems like all my fun tops involve lots of white or lots of small patterns. I still have a couple of suits that might work, but I don't think suits really fit my current image, or at least not the one I want to convey. I guess I can always fall back on a red sweater, considering how many of those I have.

It looks like I'm going to have to tear out and then rewrite the entire middle of the current monstrosity. I'm excited about that because I can already see where it will be better. The list of twenty strikes again, so now I have lots of ideas. I just need the time to sit down and focus. Guess who has another book festival this weekend, though. My plan was to have been done with the book by now, but oh well. I shall have to learn to multitask.

Reviews for Once Upon Stilettos are starting to trickle in. Here's the latest, from Fresh Fiction. I like that they say you don't have to have read the first book to enjoy this one. I'm too close to the material to have a sense of whether or not that's true. Ideally, you should read them in order, but I'm glad to see that it might be possible for someone to pick this one up and then maybe want to go back and read the first one.

Now for another Out of the Blogosphere entry. This week's guest is Deidre Knight, the founder of the Out of the Blogosphere group. Her new book is Parallel Attraction.

About the book:
It has been years since exiled alien king Jared Bennett thought of anything other than his people's fight for freedom. Now his rebel force has the one weapon that can turn the tide against their enemy: the key to the secrets of time. Victory has never been closer-but one woman has the power to change everything.

Kelsey Wells can't deny that there is something unearthly about her fierce attraction to Jared Bennett. His revelations about alien wars and time travel can't possibly be fact-yet with every seductive touch, every searing kiss, Kelsey circles closer to the truth: that although Jared is exactly what he says, he hasn't told her everything. And when the future crashes into the present, Kelsey must decide if his deception will cost them the love that should have been their destiny.

For more info, visit

Meanwhile, because I am a blog slut, I'm part of another group blog. This one won't be touring. Instead, it's a separate group blog, the Deadline Hellions. We all used to write for the Harlequin/Silhouette romantic comedy lines (Yours Truly and Love and Laughter, which became Duets, which became Flipside, which died and went away), which is how our group got started, but then along the way we've become a crazy kind of support group for our lives and our careers, and then we got the bright idea of sharing that madness with the world. We'll be taking turns with our entry for the day, and then Friday through Sunday we'll let you eavesdrop on (and join in) some of our wacky chatter. You can find us at

And now I'd better see about doing something with my hair before I go on TV. Maybe I should find something to read, while I'm at it (a girl has to have her priorities).

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