Monday, April 24, 2006

D-Day Minus One

The draft is done, as of one this morning! Which meant I didn't get to sleep until around two or so because it's hard to wind down. I still have to do one more pass on the book to tidy up a few things and hopefully cut at least twenty pages. It's currently at just a little more than 116,000 words. For comparison, Enchanted, Inc. came in at around 101,000 words and Once Upon Stilettos was around 105,000 words.

I also need to write an essay on Battlestar Galactica this week. Time to dig out the tapes. I may even be able to justify buying the DVDs (and then writing them off my taxes!) because I don't have time to dig through my poorly labeled tape collection and find the episodes I need.

And, oh yeah, something big is happening tomorrow. I wonder what it could be?

While the US stores seem to be enforcing a "hard street date," it appears that Canada got a head start. I've already heard from a couple of readers there, and much to my relief, it seems they liked the book.

I'm still a little stunned to get anything that could be called fan mail. I get weepy and giggly and emotional when I read about someone who fell in love with my characters or who's read my book multiple times. I know I certainly get that way about books, but I can't quite wrap my brain around the idea that someone else is getting that way about my books. There's still something a bit surreal about the whole experience, like I halfway suspect it's only taking place in my head. There isn't really one book, let alone two books (as of tomorrow).

But in case it is real, be ready to hit the stores running tomorrow! Stun the booksellers with your enthusiasm and numbers!

Now I think I need a nap. I've got to be rested and non-crabby for the big day!

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