Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Bookfest and Some Goodies

I made it through my TV interview okay. I felt good about it, I don't think I said anything too stupid, and I made the host laugh a few times, which is good. It turns out it won't air until August, so it may be a bit dated by then. I'd thought it might be on next week, so I was prepared to talk mostly about the last book, then mention the one that was coming up, but even the new book will be old news by then. I guess that's local public access cable for you. In my wildest dreams, this next book will be a huge hit and I'll become famous, and then DCTV will realize they have this fabulous exclusive interview on their hands. (As an author, I obviously have a vivid imagination.)

I've got one more crazy weekend ahead of me. This time it's the Best Southwest Bookfest in Duncanville. Tonight is the party where guests get to mingle with the authors. I'm excited because I came up with a new outfit to wear, using an old suit jacket and my latest shoe acquisition, and it looks like something out of a fashion magazine. Then tomorrow all day is the festival. I'm speaking at 10 in the morning, then again on a panel at 4:30 (I think -- they haven't exactly confirmed much of anything, so I'm hoping I don't show up tonight and get a blank look).

After this weekend, I get a bit of a break before the book comes out, and then it starts all over again. Next weekend is Easter, which will be busy in its own right, but I get to be home on Friday night (let's just hope the Sci Fi channel actually shows the things I want to watch instead of the kind of crappy "Sci Fi Original Movie" marathon they tend to do on holidays), and helping with an Easter egg hunt isn't quite the same level of work-related stress. The following weekend I have writing group stuff, but no specific responsibilities other than showing up.

I had a fun bit of library serendipity yesterday. I always at least check the new books shelf, just in case, and there was a non-fiction book that addresses a topic for one of my subplots. I doubt I'd have ever found it if I'd gone looking for that kind of thing, but the title caught my eye, and then it was perfect for what I needed.

Now for some news -- In the next week or so, I'll be giving away some cute frog prince pins. In order to be eligible for the drawing, you have to belong to my mailing list, so now would be a good time to join. I promise not to spam you with newsletters and stuff like that. I only send out info when I have news. (This is to thwart the Internet freebie junkies who enter contests en masse. I want to reward my readers, so if word does get out and the contest junkies show up, then at least they have to get my book news while they're at it.)

Plus, my editor has generously made available a grand prize consisting of a personally autographed (by me, not by my editor) copy of Enchanted, Inc. and an advance copy of Once Upon Stilettos. Since if you're reading this, you likely already have a copy of Enchanted, Inc., you can keep the autographed one as a keepsake and save the other one to re-read, or you can use that copy as a loaner to hook others, or give it to a friend who might enjoy it and then force him/her to buy the sequel. But I'm going to make you work for this one. You have to send me a short paragraph about why you think you should win -- sob stories, plans for using your advance peek at the new book to help spread the word, stories about how many people you got to buy Enchanted, Inc. You get the picture. I won't be judging on grammar, spelling or writing style. The winner will be the one that makes me happiest. Entries are due by 10 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, April 11. To enter, e-mail me with your paragraph in the body of the e-mail at Put something about the contest in the subject line. Good luck!

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