Friday, April 14, 2006

New Web Site!!

Big news! I have a brand-new web site, which I guess you already know if you got here from there, but which might be news if you just come here directly. I'll need to re-do my journal layouts to match, but I'll get to that later. Although a lot of the content is the same as in the old site, there are some new things to look at. I've posted an excerpt from Once Upon Stilettos, a new "deleted scene" from Enchanted, Inc. and some new pictures in the photo album. I also re-did my bio. I'll start posting behind-the-scenes info about Once Upon Stilettos after the book comes out. In case you don't have it bookmarked, you can find my site here.

Contrary to what Mom assumed, I've also been plugging away on my book revisions. I hit another scene that needs to be rewritten last night, and once again, my list of twenty things trick seems to have helped. I've always wondered if this scene should even go in the book. It's fun and funny, but it doesn't really propel the story forward. After thinking about it, though, I found a way to rewrite it so that it becomes crucial to the main plot, plus funnier. That will be my work for the day.

I've almost got all my tax stuff together. All that's left is filling in the forms. I'm not being crazy by thinking that Monday, rather than Saturday, is the deadline, right???

When I set up my calendar for the year, I'd planned to take today as a holiday, but it looks like I'll actually end up working even more than normal. I guess I'll have to give myself a comp day somewhere down the line. I am having a minor celebration tonight, since I'll actually be home on a Friday (woo hoo!) and the Sci Fi channel is doing its usual lineup instead of a bad movie marathon. I've got ingredients to make fajitas, guacamole (I found my mix at another store) and margaritas. I've been given an out for the Easter carnival I was supposed to be helping with tomorrow, but I think I'll still go. I need to try out the Bounce House. Every year, I've ended up being too busy with my volunteer task to do it, and this time I'm determined.

And in other news, we've got another Out of the Blogosphere book, Angela Knight's Master of Wolves.

When Jim London's best friend is murdered, Jim vows to catch the killer. Leaving it for the local police to solve is out of the question, because he suspects they are involved.

Jim is more than capable of taking action if they are -- he's a werewolf. Realizing the only way to investigate the department is from the inside, he decides to go undercover -- as a police K-9.

(Okay, that right there sounds like a fun story set-up!)

His "handler" is lovely Faith Weston, the only person on the Clarkston Police Department who isn't up to her neck in murder. But Faith has no idea her "dog" Rambo is a werewolf, or that the department she serves is rotten with corruption.

But it doesn't take her long to figure it out.

For more info, visit Angela's web site.

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