Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Random News Updates

One downside to getting up earlier: when I want to run errands before I get the day started, but the place I need to go doesn’t open until 10.

So, some random news updates:
I have a design for a new web site. Now I’m in the fun part of adding all the content to that framework. I’m hoping to launch it either this week or next week. Then I may be making some changes to the way I blog. The front page of the site has a little news item section where I can do status-type updates of the latest news about me or my books. Then the blog is for more in-depth posts. That may or may not be daily. I will post when I have something of substance to say.

The Japanese edition of A Fairy Tale is out — at least, I got my copy in the mail. It’s probably been out for a while because this book took the slow boat from Japan. I think their treatment of the cover is really interesting.

I’ve developed a new cooking obsession: homemade yogurt. A few years ago, I read an article about making certain things at home vs. buying store-bought. I tried some of them, just to see how they worked. Yogurt was on the list, but I didn’t try that. Then a few months ago, someone I follow on Twitter mentioned it and posted a link to an easy recipe. I was thinking about that while I was at the Nebula awards weekend because last year, the person running the hospitality suite offered homemade yogurt at breakfast, and it was soooo good. I guess that popped it back into my head, I found that recipe, and thought I’d give it a try. It’s really easy — just pour milk into the crock pot, let it heat to 180 degrees, turn off crock pot, let it cool to 110 degrees, stir in starter yogurt, wrap pot in a towel, let sit overnight, and then strain. Here’s the recipe for more specific instructions. It was so amazingly good, practically a totally different substance from what you buy in the store. My standard breakfast has become yogurt and fresh fruit. I made a half recipe when I tried it, and I’ve just about eaten it all in less than a week, so I think I’m going to make a full recipe this time. When I’m deciding whether to make something at home vs. buy it in a store, I look at the cost savings, the effort, and the quality, and this wins all around. It takes a lot of time, but most of that is sitting, so there’s very little effort. As for cost, I ended up with the equivalent of about 6 containers (not counting the amount I set aside as starter for the next batch) for the cost of one container of store-bought Greek yogurt (and that was on sale). But the main thing is the quality. The taste and texture as so much better. Even without any sweetener, it can work almost as a dessert. In fact, I did make a sundae out of a scoop of yogurt and some of my homemade strawberry jam. I may try putting some in the freezer to see if it works as frozen yogurt — I know it won’t have the same texture as frozen yogurt you buy in a store, but I’ve frozen regular yogurt before, and it works okay.

Anyway, one of my morning errands will be to pick up more milk to make more yogurt.

I’ve been getting a lot of good progress done on writing. The changes I’ve made to the book I’m revising seem to be working. I may have finally stumbled upon the right approach to it.

Now I think that by the time I get dressed and out the door, the stores should be open.

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