Friday, May 05, 2017

Appointment with a Doctor

I planned to use yesterday as a Getting Things Done day, but then I got things done and ended up working. I’m re-brainstorming the book, and I’m finding all kinds of new potential depth in it. I think I needed to write an ugly draft to explore the world and characters, and now I’m going back to actually write the story. I may finish this thing someday, but when I do, it’s going to be good.

Today I head off to WhoFest DFW to talk Doctor Who and time travel and hang out with friends. I have a lighter day on Saturday, which is good because Sunday is going to be busy, with the children’s choir and the chamber chorale in the early service, then the chamber chorale and the choir in the late service, and I’m singing alto in the choir for the late service because we’re doing a piece with a big alto part and our choir is top-heavy with sopranos, so they asked for volunteers to move over to alto. I usually sing second soprano, so I figured I’d stand a better chance than the first sopranos. I guess I’m trying to make myself less musically extraneous. Sopranos tend to be a dime a dozen, but I make myself slightly more useful by being able to switch among first soprano, second soprano, and alto. It’s just taking some getting used to looking at the alto line. Anyway, after church, I’ll have to rush back to WhoFest for another couple of panels.

And speaking of music on Sunday, Once Upon a Time is attempting a musical episode that will air Sunday night. I’ve heard bits of the music, and it’s actually pretty good. Most of their cast has musical experience, and it shows. I’m a bit iffy on the plot device used to make the episode a musical and on the role the songs play in the story (from what I can tell, the songs are basically just the characters singing about their main character trait, rather than providing any kind of inner revelation), but the music and singing don’t make me cringe. It’s just such a shame that such a good cast and good premise have been wasted by absolutely terrible writing that just keeps getting worse.

Though I have realized that one of my back-burner ideas might actually give me an opportunity to use some of my own mental “fixes” for this show, to take the elements I like and do them the right way. That’s so far from what they did on the show that I’m not sure anyone will be able to tell the origins of the inspiration (and, actually, it was a totally independent idea, but I realized it was an idea where I could fit some of the things I wish they’d done on this show).

And now I have an appointment with a Doctor that I need to get ready for.

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