Friday, August 05, 2016

Taking a Break

I'm gearing up for a birthday weekend that will mostly be spent working. I'm nearly halfway through this round of revisions, but I've hit the serious rewriting point, so it will slow down, and then next week I'll be out Monday through Thursday mornings, so my schedule will likely be off, and we start choir again next week.

I'm also going to take a brief blogging hiatus. Next week, I likely won't be posting Monday through Thursday. I'll pop back in on Friday for a pre-WorldCon post, and then I'm not sure what I'll do while I'm out of town for WorldCon. It's hard to keep up a regular schedule. I'll be doing more posts to Twitter and Facebook, I imagine. I think I'll take a longer break on writing posts, resuming those in September. I haven't taken that many blogging breaks in more than a decade, so it may be good to regroup and refresh myself, especially as I ponder the value of my various communication and marketing activities.

Meanwhile, it's Olympics time, and I'm not too excited. I feel like we just did this in London. How could that have been four years ago? I may watch part of the gymnastics. I don't know about even the opening ceremonies, since there's something else I want to watch opposite it. I just don't have the brain space to absorb all that stuff right now. I have too many fictional worlds competing for space in my head.

And watch me get caught up in all the hype as soon as it starts ...

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful year.

P.S.: Another author shared this on Facebook and it reminded me of Rebel Mechanics: