Friday, August 12, 2016

Popping Back In

I survived the week of music and art camp. Actually, it wasn't that bad. The kids I had were pretty sweet. I had a couple of girls on Monday who looked like they might be problems -- they brought their own toys and refused to participate in any of the activities -- but one of them threw a hysterical hissy fit when her mom dropped her and her friend off the next day, and her mom gave up and took them home and they didn't come back. That made life much easier. I only had a few boys, and they were really into the stuff we were doing, so they were no trouble at all. It was just a tiring week because I had to get up early and then was on my feet and active all morning, including about half an hour outside on the playground when it was really hot. That was draining.

Now I need to finish the story revisions on the book (should get that done today) and then do all the stuff I need to do to get ready for my WorldCon trip next week. I've done the shopping and errands and I have most of my promo stuff ready (that's work I do while watching Olympics). I just need to figure out and practice what to do for a reading and then do all the laundry, packing, cleaning, and prep work.

If you're going to be at WorldCon in Kansas City, here's where I'll be. Yes, I'll be very busy.

Which means I'd better get to work and wrap up this book so I can do everything else.

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