Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Procrastination Escapes

I got a good start on the week yesterday, getting in not only the pages I needed to stay on schedule, but also a few more, so I can do less on Thursday. Right now, I'm down to doing my normal quota on Thursday instead of a little extra, and I hope to go over a bit today so that Thursday I can do even less. Today I took care of most of my pre-trip errands, but I'll need time Thursday for last-minute errands, packing, and getting the house clean enough that I won't recoil in horror when I return home.

And I guess I need to find something to read at the con, and put together some promo stuff, and think my way through the panels I'm moderating.

But I will prevail! I'm at the fun part of the book, so it should go quickly from here on out. I already know I'm going to need to add more funny stuff in the next draft. That's one of the harder parts of this particular series. There's humor in everything I write because I can't help myself, but so far none of it but the Enchanted, Inc. series has been specifically labeled "humor" or "comedy." So if there's a funny line or two, then great, but I don't feel required to plan to include any comic set pieces or humorous riffs. In this series, though, it's kind of a requirement. Something laugh-out-loud funny needs to happen because that's one reason people read these books. That does usually come in a later draft when I can look at the scenes and see what I can do with them, so it's not time to panic yet.

I'll panic after I finish the first draft.

The latest procrastination method has been researching a hypothetical vacation. The other night, I was watching something on TV in which the characters were sitting on the outside deck of a restaurant, overlooking a river, having drinks. Suddenly that looked exactly like something I wanted to do. I got sidetracked looking up places I could go, checking airfares and hotel possibilities, etc. It would have to be a quick getaway, either Labor Day weekend or the weekend after, and since I could only do a couple of days, it wouldn't make sense to go very far away. I had it narrowed down between San Antonio and Chicago, and then I figured it might be wise to wait until after WorldCon because I might not want to travel again at that point. I could get some of that effect sipping tea on the patio outside the coffee shop adjacent to the library or there's a spot nearby in my city that I think has a waterside bar or two. Or I guess I could take a glass of wine to the end of my block and sit by the canal. Later in the year, when I wouldn't burst into flames upon stepping outside (I endure summer).

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