Monday, July 11, 2016

Coming Tomorrow!

In case you haven't heard, tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. The paperback edition of Rebel Mechanics will be available, with the e-book going to "paperback" pricing. And Rebel Magisters will be officially released. I have heard reports of people already having the paperback. To make the paperback available on the release date, we have to make it go "on sale" a few days earlier, and you never know when they're going to actually make it live and how long it will take to fulfill orders. We're working on making the necessary tweaks to turn the cover into a dust jacket for the hardcover edition, so that should be available soon, and talks are under way to get an audio version, but that will take longer.

I may have to slow down my new writing this week to do some kind of promo. I don't know how much sales of Rebel Mechanics will really benefit me, unless they're big enough to go beyond my advance, since the publisher and I have already parted ways, but I would rather enjoy getting in a nice point-and-laugh moment if it takes off and they have to kick themselves (not that they would, because the publishing world is amazingly short on self awareness). Still, it's fun to imagine the meeting in which some executive mentions really good sales on this one paperback and asks if any sequels are in the pipeline, and someone has to shift uncomfortably and admit that they rejected the sequel. That's even more satisfying if sales of the sequel have really popped.

But a more realistic fantasy is that sales of both do well enough that when/if I submit another YA fantasy book to another publisher, my track record counts for me rather than against me, possibly even well enough for them to actually do something when any new book is released rather than ignoring it and then blaming lower-than-desired sales on me (sales of the first book actually weren't bad -- they were quite respectable for a hardcover, and the sell-through of books sold vs. books printed was nice).

So, you can help by:
  1. Buying the book(s)
  2. Telling others about these books -- post on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, your blog, etc., or share my posts
  3. Leaving a review at the various bookseller or book discussion sites -- Amazon, B&N, Apple (do they have reviews?), Goodreads
  4. Mentioning them in relevant communities -- fantasy fans, YA fans, steampunk, alternate history
  5. Remembering these books when relevant discussions come up

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