Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Back to Work

I got back on track with the writing yesterday, actually producing new words, and then scenes started playing out in my head. Yeah, I'm back! Though I might not make much additional progress today because I'm back to choir and children's choir tonight. I doubt there will be much actual musical activity in children's choir because they'll be hyper from the holidays and just starting to settle back into a normal schedule. We may play musical chairs for half an hour. And maybe a few rounds of the snowman song, though there is that one kid who finds it traumatic. I'll just tell him that Frosty's magic hat came along and brought all the snowmen back to life.

I took a walk to the library this morning, mostly to find a reference (that they turned out not to have), but I also decided to make a start on reading the books likely to end up on the Nebula ballot. When I looked at the list of recommended books, I noticed that Rebel Mechanics wasn't on the list for the Norton Award (the one for children's and YA books). However, there aren't a lot of books on the list, and most of them have just one recommendation. The one with the most was actually published as an adult book, so I don't know what the guidelines are.

At any rate, if you happen to be a SFWA member and feel inclined to add it to the list, I'd be grateful, and I hope you'd consider nominating it. Since it was recognized by the Texas Library Association, I figure it has some merit and might even stand a chance. However, I'm not really in the "cool" crowd in that organization, so I need all the support I can get.

In other news, I had a vivid dream last night about taking harp lessons. Maybe this is something I should look into. I'd have to get a harp first, but the Irish Festival is coming up, and there's usually a vendor there. Not a big concert harp (well, not yet), but a small, portable Celtic harp would be nice. Because I need more hobbies.

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