Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Rare Soprano Shortage

I was right that the kids would be a little crazy last night. I did a number of activities, and the moment they got rowdy or out of control with an activity, we stopped the activity, even if they still wanted to do it or were having fun.

It looks like I might get to do another Requiem. The local community chorale is doing the Faure Requiem and has invited members of our choir to participate.  I suspect that their invitation mostly translates as "we need more men" (as most choirs do because, for some odd reason, boys tend to be steered away from singing and the arts). It's really, really rare for a choir to desperately need more sopranos.

Except for last night in our chamber chorale, when I was the only soprano present. And we were sight reading our new music for the spring semester. Yes, sight reading as a soloist. Fun. One song even started with just the soprano section. There was a time in my life when that would have terrified me to the point of paralysis and I just wouldn't have sung, but I got through it okay.

Come to think of it, this community chorale has asked for extra sopranos before. I've sat in as a ringer when they needed someone who could handle a really high descant for a piece. It's short-term, just one rehearsal a week, one hour of rehearsing, for a little more than a month, and it would probably be good experience.

Now I'm having one of those "never could get the hang of Thursdays" kind of days. I slept very late without even realizing how late I was sleeping, woke up frowning so hard that I had a tension headache for a while after waking until I relaxed some (and I don't know why I was frowning), and now I feel like I could just go back to sleep and sleep another hour or so. That's not conducive to good writing productivity. The trick is figuring out if I'm just being lazy and need to power through or if I really do need rest. If I really do need the rest, like if I'm fighting off something I'm not even aware of yet, taking the time now can help me be more productive later. But if I'm being lazy, it won't do me much good. I think I'll go grocery shopping and see if being out and about snaps me out of it or if I need a nap to recover.

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