Thursday, January 22, 2015

Putting the Subconscious to Work

I ended up spending most of yesterday going through yet another round of proofreading on the steampunk book, going over the latest proofreader's questions. We've reached the point where the editors are editing each other, where the latest editor is suggesting inserting a word that the previous editor deleted. That means today I need to catch up on yesterday's to-do list, including cleaning the kitchen and living room so the new dishwasher can be easily brought into the kitchen and installed (yay!).

Tonight I'm supposed to find out what my delivery window is, so I'll then be able to plan my Friday. I'll need to make a grocery run because the church women's hiking group is doing a hike on Saturday, and that means I'll need something for lunch. I'm not a big sandwich fan, so I seldom have sandwich ingredients on hand. Thanks to my vacation preparation and a Christmas gift, I have a new backpack and two insulated bottles, one with a straw lid for cool water and one with a flip-top lid for hot tea. This is going to be a four-hour hike of about ten miles, so I'll definitely need lunch and snacks. I imagine I'll sleep well that night. And maybe not walk too easily the next day.

I really need to get back into that book I've been working on, but I don't think the subconscious is ready yet. It's stewing on something, and little things keep popping up, but they aren't quite right. I feel like I'm getting closer. I'm normally so linear and plot-driven that this is weird for me, but it just seems to be the way this particular series works. It may be a relief to go back to the steampunk series once this is done. That one's so straightforward (relatively speaking).

So maybe my brain can be doing behind-the-scenes work while I clean house and hike.

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