Monday, January 05, 2015

Kicking off the Year

I was so productive this morning in getting my to-do list dealt with that I forgot to post a blog. Oops! But I've done a programming survey for a con, responded to some other business and promo stuff, sent in my notes for my page proofs and taken down my Christmas stuff. There's still a pile of greenery in the living room floor because it's cold and I don't really want to go out to the garage right now to get the boxes and then take everything out. I'm waiting until it warms up a few degrees.

I was really good this weekend and totally purged my kitchen. I went through the pantry and got rid of everything that had passed its expiration date, then I organized everything so that all my baking supplies are on one shelf and everything else is on another, and grouped by category. Then I cleared out and organized the tea/hot beverage cabinet and emptied several drawers where I'd apparently been saving coupons, recipes and fast food condiment packets. If I didn't know the recipes were there all this time, I'm not likely to use them, and some of the coupons had expired in 1999. Oops. Now I have an extra utensil drawer. My kitchen is still too small for my needs, but it's bigger than it once was.

I really want to do a closet purge next, but I think I need to start with the closets upstairs in the office so I can get more stuff there cleared away and open some floor space. This is the danger of a military brat living too long in one place. My way of doing regular purging was just to do it before each move, but I never learned how to do it while staying in the same house, and it's not something that occurs to me as needing doing.

But housework is going to have to fit between other work sessions because I need to deal with copyedits and get a book ready for publication.

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