Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And a Sassy Red Hat

We had another nice day yesterday, so I took another long walk. This time, I got out the hiking boots and went off the paved trails. The church women's hiking group is doing a hike Saturday morning, so I figured I needed to get in better shape and test the repair on my hiking boots. The sole came off the last time I wore them, and I think it needs more glue. Or I could do something really crazy and buy a new pair of boots. These are nearly 15 years old and were cheap to begin with.

The other wild and crazy thing I'm going to buy this week is a new dishwasher. In fact, I'm going to make myself head out this afternoon. I don't know why I've been procrastinating so much about this. I first planned to replace it when it initially broke nearly five years ago. I was going to use my tax refund to buy it, since that was a low-income year, but then I messed up my shoulder and ended up in physical therapy, and there went that money. Then a few years ago when I started making money again I actually went to the Home Depot to buy a dishwasher but couldn't get anyone to acknowledge my existence. I came home and fired off a nastygram to their customer service e-mail address, then had a nice phone chat with the manager about how weird it was that I get so much help everywhere else in the store but not in the one area where I can't buy something without help -- if I want a $1 packet of screws, I get helped even though I can take them off the rack and to the cash register myself. When I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on an appliance and can't do so without an associate, they have one guy in the department who didn't give me so much as an "I'll be with you in a moment" while he helped another customer and then wandered off after they were done without even acknowledging me. And I think that experience has something to do with why I keep saying I'm going to do it and then dragging my feet about it. Now watch this time go so smoothly and wonderfully that I wonder why I've been hand-washing dishes for so long (or else I'll manage to talk myself out of going and procrastinate again).

Tonight is a TV break because of politics, but otherwise, why do they put absolutely everything on Tuesday nights? I'm always out of the house because of ballet, and it takes me nearly a week to watch everything OnDemand. I usually manage to watch NCIS before I head to ballet. But then there's also Person of Interest and Forever. I used to prioritize Person of Interest to watch after choir on Wednesdays, but I find myself wanting to watch Forever first because Person of Interest gets pretty stressful and Forever is just plain fun, feel-good stuff (but I shouldn't get too attached because the ratings are terrible -- please, if you're a ratings household, watch this show!). Now they've added Parks and Recreation to Tuesdays, and then there's Agent Carter. I haven't watched any of the Marvel superhero movies or Agents of Shield, but I kind of love this, and I suspect the clothes have a lot to do with it. I want to be Agent Carter when I grow up. I love the sassy 1940s dame kind of character, and then there are the suits with the nipped-at-the-waist jackets and swingy skirts, and the shoes and the hats, and swoooooon. I think this is a limited run show, though I'm hoping that it does well enough that they decide to make it a real series. And I need a red fedora. I bet I'd get service at Home Depot if I had a sassy red hat.

And so I'm barely caught up on Tuesday night before the next Tuesday comes along. This week, I guess I'll get a break. Maybe I'll do more reading.

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