Monday, September 16, 2013

When in Doubt, Blow Stuff Up

I think this actually counted as a "relaxing" weekend. I caught up on TV shows I missed during WorldCon and afterward, I did a lot of reading and knitting. There was some baking. Now I'm energized and ready to face the week.

And it will be a busy one. FenCon is approaching, and I have PR stuff to do, as well as a few side projects that I've taken on. I need to work on choir lesson plans. I have PR stuff to do for my own books. And then there's that book I'm writing. That means I'll need to dial back on correcting people who are wrong on the Internet.

That will be hard with the fall TV season beginning. I'm looking forward to the premiere of Sleepy Hollow tonight. The previews I've seen intrigued me, and the reviews have also been good. Now watch the ratings be awful, and it'll be killed in three episodes (this is Fox we're dealing with -- no, I haven't forgiven them for killing Firefly and many other things I liked).

One thing I've been catching up on is The Doctors Revisited on BBCAmerica, in which they do a mini documentary type show on each Doctor, his companions and his major villains, then show a representative story from that Doctor. My exposure to Classic Era Doctor Who was spotty at best. I think I mostly just saw Tom Baker stuff, over and over again. It's been interesting seeing all the others. I don't think I'd ever seen the Seventh Doctor before, and that was the episode I watched yesterday afternoon while knitting. I have now finally seen the iconic moment in which Ace attacks a Dalek with a baseball bat. In that era, it seems that while they had about the same minimal budget for special effects that they had in previous years (whatever the producer found under the sofa cushions in BBC headquarters, I'm afraid), somehow they managed to score a HUGE pyrotechnics budget. They were blowing up more stuff than the Mythbusters, and it looked like practical effects rather than movie magic. Maybe they found a stash of military surplus explosives and figured that blowing lots of stuff up really well might make up for the fact that all their other effects were horribly cheap. I got a kick out of how they'd go from this massive, vivid explosion to a terribly campy shot of a spaceship. It was like, when in doubt, blow something up. (Sounds like a good life motto -- I should cross-stitch that on a throw pillow.)

Next up will be the Eighth Doctor, which is in the era I remember in a lot more detail. I watched that TV movie, and while I was disappointed at the time that it didn't spawn a series, it's probably best that it didn't because it would have been on Fox, and it probably would have been killed after a few episodes that totally mangled the mythology. And that would have stopped the franchise from being properly rebooted later by the right people.

Now to go get my work done, and if I'm really good and accomplish everything on the to-do list, I'll allow myself a little time for correcting people who are being wrong.

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