Friday, September 20, 2013

A Cool Autumn Knight

I think I've figured out why I don't have enough crazy/funny blog material. It's not that I don't do weird or silly things. It's that half the fun is reporting the reaction of other people to the weird/silly things, and I don't have a long-suffering husband to react when I do something like bring home a giant bear head or, say, a suit of armor. If I find something like that, I just bring it home and it makes me happy, which isn't very funny. Most of my friends are as odd as I am, so instead of reacting like, "Um, why do you have a suit of armor on the ledge over your front door?" they're more likely to say, "Cool, you have a suit of armor on the ledge over your front door! It needs LED lights behind the visor!" In my group of friends, I tend to be the "normal" one. Relatively speaking.

By the way, the suit of armor on the ledge over the front door isn't a hypothetical. I keep trying to name him, but his name keeps changing. (I'm terrible at naming things, so it's probably for the best that I didn't have kids. They'd be starting school with their legal names still being something like "Baby Boy Lastname.") My house is insane and doesn't have normal ceilings. Except in the parts of the house that have a second story above them, the ceiling is the underside of the roof. But then, for some bizarre reason, they seem to have decided that the entryway needed a ceiling, which means that there's this large shelf/ledge because the ceiling stops a few feet into the house. The plans call it a "plant ledge," but that spot gets almost no sunlight and it's nearly impossible to reach to water any plants there. It looked awfully naked, so something needed to be there. Then I saw these little (fake) suits of armor at a garden store and knew that was what I needed.

Maybe I need to find a "normal" friend or two to react to the few crazy things I do so my blog will be funnier.

It's coolish and rainy today, starting to feel like fall, so it should be a good writing day. I've been revising the first third of the book I've been working on. I figured out what I was doing wrong, went back and fixed it, and have been fixing the ripple effects after that. I'm just about done fixing the part I've written and I should start moving forward today. I think moving forward will be a lot easier now that I've fixed what I was doing wrong. Sometimes, when you're blocked the problem isn't with the next scene, it's with a scene fifty pages back.

And then the cool and rain should make for a good TV night. I've started rewatching Grimm, then there's new Phineas & Ferb (one episode, at 8:15 Central) and new Haven. I might get to actually snuggle under the lightweight, open-weave sofa throw I knit earlier this year. Ah, but I love cooler weather.

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