Friday, September 06, 2013

Dreading Mega Boy

I'm faced with a dilemma. I finally have a whole day in which I don't have to leave the house, and I get a notice from the library that a book I have on hold is in. It's not like I'm lacking in reading material, but still, it's out there, waiting for me, and going to the library today will be more pleasant than on the weekend, when there will be people there. But that will require putting on "public" clothes and getting in the car, since it's way too hot to walk today.

Part of the reason for yesterday's post-grocery run hibernation was recovering from the shock of the first children's choir session Wednesday night. This year is going to be fun (for alternative meanings of "fun"). Until now, I've had mostly girls with one or two boys, and the boys haven't really been typical boys. They've been the quiet ones in the group. In the group that showed up for registration/meet the teacher night this year, I had five boys and three girls. Two of the girls are twins, and they're very, very girly. The boys are more typical boys. I've been warned from multiple sources about three of the boys. Separate, they're sweet kids, but together, as one other parent put it, "they become like some kind of Transformer mega boy." It doesn't help that the ringleader of the group has some behavioral issues -- and I mean actual neurological stuff, not just being a spoiled brat, because I've watched his parents trying to work with him. He literally can't control himself, but then the other two follow his lead. Fortunately, my adult co-teacher is the mother of the twins, and I figure the mother of twins is at parenting level ninja. We've already agreed that I'll do the music part and she'll handle crowd control. I don't think I'm allowed to use shock collars or tasers. It's not a good sign when people ask what choir I'm doing this year, and then they go, "Oooohhh. That's gonna be interesting." Fortunately, Problem Child's mother is aware of the problem and wants to work on it rather than being one of those "the world should revolve around my special snowflake" mothers, so there will be backup.

So this year my lesson plans will have to be aimed at Short Attention Span Theater, and I won't be able to fall back on putting on music and everyone dancing. It will help that I already know most of the kids from singing with the preschool Sunday school class over the last couple of years, and they already know me, so I won't have to worry about learning names or getting them comfortable with me.

But I'll worry about that next week. For now, I need to unpack and do laundry (I still have suitcases sitting in the living room), and I have to marathon an entire season of Haven on BluRay (it came yesterday!) before next Friday's premiere. And then there's catching up on stuff from the week I was gone, though I'm irked that OnDemand skipped an episode of Broadchurch. It goes straight from episode 3 to episode 5, so I may need to find another way of watching the missing episode because you can't really skip an episode in the middle of an eight-episode mystery series.

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