Thursday, July 18, 2013

Semi-Famous Geeky Knitting

Door Watch continues. No news to report. They'll probably want to come work on it this afternoon, when I have an eye exam.

I got to play "author" last night as a guest at a book group. I think of my job as having two different modes. There's "writer" mode where I sit at home in sweatpants or shorts and write, and there's "author" mode where I glam up, go out and pretend to be semi-famous. This book group is one I've met with before. The hostess is a friend of a former client, and the former client suggested they have me visit the book group. They've had me back a few times since then, and then they started inviting me to their other social gatherings. You've got to love a book group meeting that also involves a demonstration of a stun gun. No, they didn't demonstrate on me or on each other, but they were admiring one lady's cute pink flashlight with bonus stun gun feature and then placing a bulk order from the company's web site.

I had another distraction day, but this time with nothing to show for it. I just couldn't seem to focus. I got most of a scene written, about 1,000 words worth, but I fizzled and never managed to get back into it before I had to get ready for the book club.

I got my preliminary program assignments for WorldCon, and that will have to be adjusted somewhat, as they put me on a panel on the history of atheism. Really? Me? I said I wanted to talk about faith in fiction, and that doesn't really say that I know anything about atheism. I responded to say that I didn't belong on that panel. I resisted the urge to tell them that if I remained on the panel, I'd know the room would be full of potential converts, that for once I wouldn't be preaching to the choir, so I'd be bringing my Bible and a hymnal. I did actually type that into the response, but then I deleted it before sending. However, I did get put on a geeky knitting panel. I'll have to bring the TARDIS shawl. I actually think that all knitting is kind of geeky because it's about geometry. That's one more argument for driving instead of bus. I can throw more knitting examples in the car. And a cool panel will be on having books adapted for TV or film, with Charlaine Harris on the panel. I'll be the baby on that one because I've only been in the beginning stages, but I can talk about when it gets stalled out.

So, yeah, it likely will be a worthwhile trip. I'm starting to get excited, and it's about six weeks away. I've even started to think about going shopping because all my clothes are rather out-of-date. I haven't really gone shopping in years. Now, though, I need to get back to the book because I want my first draft done before this trip.

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