Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Construction Progress

Well, the cabinet rebuild is mostly done. They were here until almost midnight. I guess the carpenter is like me -- once you get started, you don't mess around and you get it done. He kept saying that if they were bothering me, they could pack it up, but I figured it was better to let them finish because they were pretty close. He wanted to finish mudding out the drywall so it could dry and then he could finish everything today. Now I just have to see when the water heater will be delivered so that can be installed, and they're having to have a door made since the only doors they could find with those dimensions were interior closet doors, which could explain why the door went bad. He's already fixed the valve on the water supply line, which had broken, so I actually come out ahead in this with things better than they were. However, I may find myself on a committee because the board member was impressed with my historical knowledge of the community, since I knew what some of the past politics were, why the bricks in one part of the outside wall don't quite match (drunk driver and an SUV), and when they last did any painting.

I managed to wash my hair last night with the bucket and pitcher method, but I'm definitely feeling the lack of a hot shower after ballet last night.

I'm going to take the week off from a writing post because of being up so late last night and taking part of today as a holiday. Next week, when the construction is done, I can get back on track.

Now I need to go heat some water to wash dishes. I love my electric teakettle. I dug out my old stovetop kettle so I could heat more water at once, and I can boil two kettles worth of water (boil, empty, refill, boil again) in the electric kettle in the time it takes the stovetop kettle to reach a simmer.

And, yikes, there was just the sound of a really nasty collision in the intersection behind my house. Someone's horn is stuck on. I can't quite see it from my window so I don't know how bad it is. I wonder if I should call 911 or if someone on the scene already has. If I don't hear sirens in a couple of minutes (the fire station is two blocks away), I guess I'll call. And there go the sirens.

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