Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Do You Want to Read Here?

I have decided that today I will begin writing words on the book. I saw the "movie" of the opening scene in my head a few times last night, and the last time it came with mental narration, which is a good sign. I still have some planning/plotting and research to do, but I think with that I'm at the point of procrastination perfectionism, where I'll never start if the plot has to be perfect before I go there. However, this week of additional plotting and planning has been beneficial because the opening scene is totally new and wouldn't have been there if I'd started writing on Monday. I'm finally getting to use a character I created in great detail for the first book and never found a place to use her (she's mentioned, but doesn't make a personal appearance). She's still a minor character who just appears in a couple of scenes, but I know a lot about her. There's even a possibility of her getting an expanded role if I do more books in this series.

I'm coming up on my ninth year of blogging (yikes! Where did the time go?), and since I'm winding down (for now) one series, getting ready to launch a new possible series a couple of years from now and trying to sell a new series, I figure it's time to re-evaluate what I'm doing. Judging by the comments, the audience has shifted over time, so it's not necessarily the same people (other than my personal friends) reading now who were reading back at the beginning. Or, if they are, they're being quiet about it. Which is cool.

So, this is your opportunity to tell me what you'd like me to write about. I guess I could do a fancy poll, but that usually takes more time to set up than it's worth. I think the last time I asked this question and did a poll, the topic that got the most interest was personal life stuff, which is funny because my personal life is pretty boring. I sit at home most of the time and occasionally go to dinner or a movie or hiking with friends, or else I go to choir practice and ballet class.

Are you interested in:
The process of writing and what I'm working on
Discussion of books I've read
A more in-depth re-read discussion of a book series or favorite books (like they do on
A re-watch, episode-by-episode discussion of a TV series (again, like they do on
TV discussion/reviews
Movie discussionreviews
Author interviews
The publishing industry
Writing/publishing how-tos

Those are just some ideas, but if you have other ideas of things you think I could address, speak up. I'd like to keep this blog somewhat relevant and interesting enough for fans to keep coming back while maybe also being interesting enough to draw people who aren't fans yet.

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Angie said...

What i enjoy most is the combination of insight into your day-to-day life interspersed with insight into what you're working on. That being said, I also enjoy:
The process of writing and what I'm working on
Discussion of books I've read
Movie discussion/reviews
The publishing industry