Thursday, June 06, 2013

Organizational Issues

I did decide to accept the programming invitation at WorldCon, and while there are some organizational issues behind the scenes, I have to say that their initial programming survey was one of the best I've seen for any convention, ever. I've done WorldCons where the survey amounted to sending a bio and listing a few things you can talk about, but this was pretty comprehensive, plus their software provided some of the existing answers for the fill-in-the-blank questions, which gave some ideas for what to put there. Usually when presented with a blank, I go blank. So, kudos programming people.

Now I have to decide which hotel I want. There are two that are across the street from each other. One is closer to the convention center and seems slightly more pleasant. The other is the party hotel. I know I'll be involved with parties, but at the same time, I like the idea of quiet. It's not too far a walk and I don't think it would be dangerous, and I likely wouldn't be alone. After all, in Denver I had to walk to a shuttle stop, ride a shuttle and then walk to my hotel. I may have to flip a coin. Then there's the drive vs. fly decision. With the hotel parking rates, I don't think there's a huge cost difference. There's also not a huge time difference, when you factor in getting to the airport, the time cushion for getting through security, likely flight delays, then getting out of the airport and getting a shuttle downtown. The differences come down to spending much of that time reading instead of driving vs. being able to bring anything I want instead of worrying about packing. It would be rather nice to go wild and have a different pair of shoes for each outfit and to bring full-sized bottles of hair products. I have a lot of friends from this area going, so there's a chance I could carpool with someone, if I could find someone traveling on my schedule, and that would cut the cost further and possibly allow some riding vs. driving time. But I don't have to make these decisions immediately.

I'm probably taking Friday off before I plunge into "summer hours" next week. I need to buckle down and start developing this book, and then there's marketing stuff to do. And finishing the clean/organize the office project. There's all kinds of crazy stuff squirreled away in here. The other day, I found something I thought I'd lost while I was looking for something else that I seem to have lost. I'm going to have to go through and empty and sort every box, bin and drawer. It will be like going shopping, I have a feeling. I already have a "new" short terrycloth robe since I found the missing belt that goes with it. I think that means I need to schedule an at-home spa day. I never did find that missing knitting needle, though. This is why I'm coming to like the circular needles even for projects that don't really require them. You always have both needles (unless you lose the whole thing).

Now off to get my act together in general.

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