Monday, January 21, 2013

Real-World Monday

Ah, Monday, and for once I'm actually okay with it being Monday (you'd think that staying home and writing would take the Monday out of Mondays, but it's still part of the same mindset that makes me look forward to Fridays). It was a busy weekend, so now I have a day of quiet and solitude, and I'm ready to do some serious writing. I also got a bit of a recharge from lots of baby snuggles with a friend's little one on Saturday and then a lot of hugs from my choir kids when I led the singing in Sunday school. One little girl who's a real hugger ran in and hugged me, but then that meant the rest had to do so as they got competitive about it. Some people have pets. I have other people's kids. Less mess and expense.

I had a calendar whimper moment when I realized that it will be a couple of weeks before I have a weekend with no obligations. This coming Saturday, I have an 8 a.m. rehearsal for the Mozart Requiem about 40 minutes from home. There's obviously an early-bird sadist behind that. About the only way I'll manage that is if I sleep in my clothes, make a Thermos of tea the night before and have a bagel or other roll handy. Then if I roll out of bed, put the tea in a travel mug and bring the roll with me, I might be on time, though likely not fully conscious until after arrival.

I think I finally figured out the sticky problem with the book. I worked it out in a sort of flow chart. We'll see how it goes when I actually start writing. Watch it end up requiring about three sentences being changed. That's what always seems to happen when I'm up against something where I can't see the solution and I spend days brainstorming. I come up with the solution, then when it comes to implementing it, it turns out to be rather subtle.

But I also have business stuff to do today, like dealing with my web hosting and getting a Worldcon hotel reservation. I hate it when the real world infringes on my writing days.

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