Thursday, January 31, 2013

Naptime Pending

That training session turned out to not be worth the worry I put into it. The "interview" was a questionnaire sheet we had to fill out there, mostly to prove we were at the session. I sat next to the children's music director, and she said for long-term volunteers like me, there were enough people in the church who could vouch for me that they didn't need to worry about references. The whole thing was over in half an hour, and I stayed a little longer to finish my coffee cake and chat.

That means I have time for a nap this afternoon. To keep from being groggy this morning, I didn't take cold medicine last night. That meant it took me forever to get to sleep, and then I woke up because my throat was scratchy and couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours. So, I ended up being groggy this morning. But I found some throat soother tea at the grocery store this morning, and we'll see if that helps. I imagine that going through a choir sectional rehearsal and a full choir rehearsal last night didn't help. I kept saying I was just going to listen, but then I'd find myself singing.

Fortunately, the kids were relatively sedate last night, and I had a small group. One of them was really hyper and had to be settled down a few times, but the rest would have been happy with a 45-minute naptime, I think. The hyper one was being really random. At one point she blurted out, "Halloween was awesome!" At first, we weren't sure why that came up, but then she started talking about how she was Merida from Brave, and I think my hair triggered it. I'd taken a shower that afternoon, so my hair was loose and really curly, and I think that was where the free association came in. One kid bouncing off walls and the others lying on the floor made for a bit of a teaching challenge. The one kid wanted to dance around and the rest wanted to sit still and do quiet things. The teacher wanted to join the napping.

Some fun things are afoot that aren't ready for public discussion (and this is not an invitation for my friends to call or e-mail me to find out what it is), but I hope to have an announcement in the next week or so.

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