Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to the Grind

I think I'm mostly back to normal. There's still some coughing, but only minor, and I've spent this whole morning in a room without a tissue box in it, which is different. I haven't tried singing, so I don't know if choir will happen tonight, but I should be able to teach children's choir. Finding a sub and doing enough planning to coordinate for a sub would take more effort than just showing up. Even if I can sing, I may run out of steam after dealing with the kids. I think I'm going to try sleeping without the Nyquil tonight. Last night, I had strange dreams about having to go back to the place I used to work and then getting stuck in the visitors' parking lot because I couldn't find my parking ticket to have it validated. Strangely, the anxiety in the dream wasn't about having to go back to work there (going back to an office job has become almost as common an anxiety nightmare for me as finding out I have an exam in a class I've been forgetting to attend) but about not working there and clearing out the last of my stuff from my office. Mind you, I left that job about 18 years ago, though I did stop freelancing for them about this time last year, which could be what the dream was about.

Today's going to be rather busy now that I'm more coherent. I'm in the process of moving hosts for my web site as my old provider decided to stop offering the service. I got all that set up last week, but then haven't managed to actually upload stuff to the new server because that's not something you want to do while on cold medicine. There may be some down time associated with my web site and web site e-mail address until all the DNS pointers are straightened out. Those who have my personal e-mail shouldn't have any problems.

I also have to get ready for tomorrow morning's sexual abuse awareness training session for people who volunteer with children at church. It's supposed to be about avoiding doing anything that might make anyone suspicious while also learning how to recognize danger signs in other adults. Part of this also involves one-on-one interviews and paperwork for background checks. I don't know why that part makes me nervous because I know I have zero record or suspicion of anything untoward and just about everyone who knows me thinks I'm good with kids. My friends trust me with their children. I just get nervous about having to give references. I always feel like it's an imposition on the people I list as references, and then I worry what they'd say. I think I'll just ask the people I work with in choir to be my references tonight. I have no idea what the interview is supposed to be like, but I wonder if they'll consider the fact that I'm not married and have no kids of my own any kind of danger sign. Will I have to explain why I'm not married? I think I'll have to ask some of the other volunteers who've already been through this what they get asked so I won't have more anxiety nightmares.

Now I have to look up contact info for potential references and for the pastors at my former church.

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