Friday, March 11, 2011

Posting from the New Computer

First, prayers and good wishes go out to the people in Japan and other areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. My mom called and told me about it because I don't turn on the TV in the morning, and when I did turn on the TV, it was even worse than I had imagined. My Japanese readers are so awesome, and now I'm worried about them.

This post is coming to you from my new computer. I did the Internet part of the setup yesterday, and while I was all worried about getting the ISP settings right, it turned out to be along the lines of the typical Mac setup, which goes like, "Open box, plug in computer, turn on computer." I managed to transfer over my Firefox bookmarks and then went around to my regular sites that require log-in, so it looks like my Internet use is good to go. I ended up not getting much of anything done yesterday because it was like "Wheeeee!!! Internet again!!!!" I was tracking down all those fun videos that people have sent me that I couldn't watch on the old machine.

Today, though, I must work. I think for a while I may use the old computer as a writing machine and this one for Internet stuff, just so I don't have to disconnect from the Internet and carry a computer around. It's nice to have something that's always ready to write and something that's always online. After I finish this book, then I can bother to learn what horrible things Microsoft has done to Word in the new edition that will work on the new machine. They keep adding "features" that maybe five people in the world will ever need but that make it more complicated to do the basic things most of us do all the time.

Has anyone written a computer game that involves shooting or blowing up that stupid little paperclip thingy? I don't do games, but that might be fun to have. I've had him turned off for years, but will admit to every so often bringing him back just so I can say mean things to him. He makes a good target for my Microsoft rage.

One thing I will have to adjust to is the fact that the clock on this computer is accurate. I'm so used to having to adjust to the fact that the other computer gains time. All clocks around me tend to gain time, so I'm sure I'll soon be five minutes ahead, but for now it seems to be correct.

In other news, it's been announced that Doctor Who will begin again the Saturday of Easter weekend -- and BBC America will be showing it the same day as it's shown in England. I'm hoping one of my friends has a premiere party because I don't get BBCA on my cable other than OnDemand, and that tends to be sketchy (they randomly just don't get around to posting episodes, or they put them in HD only), plus it involves waiting a day or two. With it being Easter, I can't invade my parents because I have a choir rehearsal on Saturday and then have to sing for two services Sunday, including the 8 a.m. service. If I don't find a premiere party, my parents may outgeek me and see it first.

Though I shouldn't be surprised if my parents outgeek me, as I got the geekiness from them. My mom watched the original Star Trek during its original run with me when I was a baby, my parents dragged me to see Star Wars, they gave me my first science fiction books, my mom gave me my first Narnia book, and my dad took me to see just about any movie involving space. I had no choice but to turn out this way.

Okay, there seems to be an Autocorrect feature in this version of TextEdit (which I have now turned off). It tried to turn "geekiness" into "meekness," and that's not at ALL the same thing.

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