Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Life as a Lifetime Movie

I was so amazingly productive yesterday -- I ran an errand, got some exercise, did a ton of laundry, revised the last few chapters on the current project, planned the next chapter or so, wrote quite a bit and did a freelance project. Plus, I started the writing work before noon, which I believe is a sure sign of an impending apocalypse or else a sign of serious illness.

In other news, they've released a teaser for the next (and last!) Harry Potter movie. Here it is on YouTube.

And I've heard that they're making a Lifetime biopic movie about JK Rowling, focusing on her days as a struggling single mother writing the book that would end up making her a billionaire. I may actually watch that just to see how they manage to make the life of an author exciting enough for a movie. If they made a movie about me, it would be horribly dull, and I had a very similar path, aside from the child and the extreme success. But I was a moderately struggling unemployed single woman when I wrote my book that launched a series. I didn't have responsibility for a child, but I also wasn't able to rely on public assistance during that time. Any money I got, I had to earn for myself (I mostly lived on my savings). I suppose you could turn my story into a comedy and show me meeting with my oddball array of marketing clients while fretting that this was taking me away from my book. I did have several people close to me die of cancer during the process, to add some drama. There was one who died while I was writing the book, and I remember coming home from singing for her funeral to sit down and get back to writing. Then I had two aunts die (one of cancer) right around the time the first book was released, and I missed one of the funerals because I had a booksigning in another city the same weekend, and the family encouraged me to go to the signing because that's what she'd have wanted, and she would have been so proud. And then the friend who was my beta reader on the first two books died before the second book was published (while I was writing the third, which is probably why that one is a little darker).

You know, my story might make a good movie, after all, even if most of the suffering happened to people around me. Of course, I'd have to achieve something like World Domination in order for anyone to care enough to make a movie. Going from not quite rags to so-so success isn't all that interesting. They'd have to change the ending of the biopic. Or maybe I need to change the ending, myself. The real story would be the comeback, not the initial burst of success. At the rate my career has gone, I'm going to have more comebacks than Shirley MacLaine (or does anyone joke about her infamous string of past lives anymore? That was mostly an 80s thing, I think).

Apparently, Kristen Wiig would have to play me. People are always telling me that I remind them of her. I'm not sure I see it, but apparently it also has to do with personality.

Not that I would want a Lifetime movie made about me. The JK Rowling one is unauthorized. I just wouldn't mind the kind of success that might make someone want to do something like that. I do wonder if the core of Rowling's fan base would ever watch a Lifetime movie.

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