Friday, March 11, 2011

Oops, forgot to say ...

In all my "yay, new computer!" buzz, I forgot that I've got a couple of bits of housekeeping.

First, for the every-other-week writing posts, I need new questions or topics. I've been doing the hero's journey so long that I seem to have lost the ability to think of anything else. I can address writing craft, the business of writing, writing life, etc. It needs to be something of general interest (not just specific to your unique situation) and the kind of thing that can spawn an essay.

Then, in the weeks when I'm not doing writing posts, I'm answering Enchanted, Inc. series questions. These can be about the world, the characters, where ideas came from, what inspired things, etc. I won't answer something that might spoil future books, but otherwise, ask away.

You can leave questions in the comments or e-mail them. Look in the archives for topics I've already discussed (I've tagged these entries with "enchanted inc"). I know I've dealt with the issue of sex, where the character names come from, the magical educational system, the fairy godmother and the crystal network.

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