Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

I got a little early Christmas present this morning with the news that a nice-sized royalty check is on its way to me. It's not life-changing money, but the amount does have a comma in it, and it was totally unexpected. Thank you, Japan! The practical side of my brain pointed out that half the check would go toward making my January estimated tax payment, and then there's neighborhood HOA fees that are due in January, but then I reminded myself that I'd have had to make those payments anyway, so I'm still coming out ahead.

I think I'm going to buy that new computer I've been talking about. I'd been holding off to put it on next year's taxes, but now I may need the tax break this year. I'm not brave enough to hit an Apple store the week before Christmas, but I may go on a weekday morning between Christmas and the end of the year. It'll probably still be more crowded than non-holiday times, but that's okay. And I might even indulge in an iPod so I don't have to keep burning playlist CDs for my car. But my priority other than the computer will be a new dishwasher.

I didn't do any writing yesterday in the sense of adding words to the manuscript, but I think I finally worked out the scene I've been wrestling with. The major element was something I hadn't even considered before, so if I'd tried writing the scene before, it wouldn't have been right. Sometimes, you just have to give the subconscious some time to work.

Today, though, is office party day. I think I'm going to hike up the hill to Commercial Alley, run a quick Wal-Mart errand, maybe pick up some lunch, then see a movie, and then head home via the Starbucks, since I have a gift card from a library event I haven't used and it's a good hot chocolate kind of day. And then tonight, I think there will be mulled wine and a movie marathon. In between, I may try writing that elusive scene now that I've got it worked out.

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