Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Attack of the Killer Brain

I think my brain is trying to kill me.

It's bad enough when I have one book swirling around in there. It got difficult a couple of weeks ago when the new idea got charged up, so I've been musing on a difficult scene in the current project while I keep having the opening scene for this new idea trying to play itself out. I'm almost at the point where I may just write it to see if that gets it out of my head, but then there's always the danger that writing it will only breed the next scene. Meanwhile, another project I'll need to work on in the coming months is starting to wake up.

Then last night, for whatever odd reason, I found myself mentally writing scenes for someone else's series. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that there's a character I find intriguing, but the series so far hasn't really developed him as much as I'd like and the last book I read wasn't all that satisfying on that front, so my brain is trying to develop it the way I would. It's bad enough having all those ideas of my own in my head. I do not need to be fixing someone else's ideas.

And then this morning I woke up mentally writing a screenplay based on an old book I haven't even thought of in six years. I spent way too much time on this book back during my last publishing dry spell and even broke up with an agent over it (not because of what she thought of it but because of how she handled the communication over it and the fact that she had told me she submitted it and didn't understand why we weren't getting any response at all, so she suggested I try rewriting it, then hated the rewrite, but then when I later talked to the editors who supposedly had it, they'd never heard of it). When I got my current agent with Enchanted, Inc., I sent her this proposal, since an editor still had it, and she told me it was the kind of thing that might work in a movie, but she didn't think it would work as a book and told me why. There was something in a Lifetime movie I watched last night that bothered me, but it reminded me of something in this book, and as I thought about it, I remembered that the way I handled it was different. So I guess my subconscious decided that this story would make a good Lifetime romantic comedy and went to work on the screenplay. A whole hour went by after I first woke up without me even realizing time was passing as I imagined how the opening scene would work in screenplay form. I'm not even sure how I'd go about selling a TV movie script, if I even had time to write it. I do have an agent who handles my movie rights and she also represents screenwriters, and I do know her personally, but her screenwriting clients tend to win Oscars. I'm not sure she'd stoop to a Lifetime movie, and I'm not sure of the protocol for trying to approach her.

That was after waking up from a "real job" nightmare in which I had to go on a last-minute business trip, didn't get the agenda for the conference I had to attend on behalf of a client until late the day before I had to leave, and I found out that the events I'd have to go to required an entirely new wardrobe, but my boss wouldn't let me leave early to get ready for this trip.

No wonder my brain was coming up with a variety of potentially profitable projects. It was terrified at the thought of going back to a real job, if I could even get one. I haven't worked for anyone but myself in nearly ten years.

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