Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Impending Writing Binge

I actually made it through the whole day yesterday without any medication. Then it ended up being a very rough night. It seems like nights are worse no matter where I am in the house or what position I'm in. If I'm staying up late and sitting on the sofa, I start the coughing at the same time I do when I'm in bed. Even so, I'm doing a bit of a bedroom purge today to remove any obvious allergens and see if that makes things any better. There's a corner near my bed where I have an old-fashioned hat rack that I use to hold hats, scarves, belts and purses, and it hasn't been moved in ages. I'm currently running all the cloth items through the fluff cycle of the dryer to see if that removes any dust, and then I'm moving the rack out of the way and vacuuming that corner.

Meanwhile, I seem to be back in the saddle, work-wise. I wrote a synopsis yesterday, and I really hope I get to write this book because it should be tons of fun. Then I held true to my decision to give up Hawaii Five-O and devote that time to work. I didn't accomplish a lot in that time that I wouldn't have done while watching it, but I did get back to the book I'd been working on and I worked a while after it would have ended, which might not have happened otherwise. Right now, I'm rereading what I've written so I can then jump back into it. I'm kind of tempted to go on a writing binge and see how much I can pound out in the next week and a half before I leave town. It's the kind of story that I think would benefit from that kind of rush because it will generate the adrenaline and enthusiasm it needs. There seems to be a vibe a book gets from being written quickly.

Of course, the books that get written that quickly usually need a lot of rewriting, but getting the bones of the story down quickly still creates that sense of enthusiasm.

Though I don't know how a writing binge is going to work, considering I'm leaving town next week and will be gone for a whole week, and that means some preparation. I still have a little shopping to do to get ready for that (both clothes and travel reading material), and then there's laundry and cleaning house because the last thing you want to come back to when you're gone that long is a mess. So, yeah, I picked a bad time to suddenly get the writing itch. Ah, well, since I still haven't heard what my agent thinks of the proposal, finishing the book isn't necessarily urgent at the moment.

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