Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Curly Again

My hair is now back to its more or less normal state. I was surprised to feel a bit of a pang as I stepped into the shower. I don't think I'd want straight hair permanently, but it got to be fun exploring the other side of things. I liked the swinginess. I've read in books where they described someone's hair as falling like a curtain across her face, and now I know what that's like. When I was a kid, when I was pulling a sweater, especially a turtleneck, off over my head, I'd let it stick on the back of my head for a while with the sweater hanging off the back of my head like it was long, straight hair and let it swing around for a while. This was what that was like, only with my hair. I had straighter hair as a kid, but never had it long until I was an adult and it was very curly. It was also nice being able to push my sunglasses back on my head without them getting tangled up in my hair.

Then there was a minor moment of fear that it wouldn't go back to normal. I also hadn't seen this color or this haircut the normal way, so I didn't know how it would do curly. It was with some relief that I saw that as soon as my hair was wet, it started curling up again.

So, here's the progression:

On Sunday, it had loosened up from the stick-straight mode it was in right after I got home from the salon. There was some frizz, but also more life.

Then on Monday, I think it was at its best. The ends were starting to curl a bit and it had some bounce.

And now it's back to normal and curly.

All of these photos were taken on my stairs because that was the easiest way to pose for the self-timer. I set the camera on one step, then sat a few steps down. I chose the photos for the way my hair looks, not necessarily for which was the best photo overall.

This is a short week for me because I'm leaving for Denver on Thursday and since I'll be gone a while, I have to get everything for the next couple of weeks done in these few days. My to-do list is kind of scary, though most of the tasks are relatively short and easy (like "water plants," "put scary attack neighbor on alert" and "lock back doors"). I just put absolutely everything on the list so I wouldn't forget anything. I'm trying to take care of all but the very last minute stuff today so that I don't feel frantic and rushed tomorrow.

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