Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Tricky Brain

I had yet another great day of accomplishment -- another tax-related task (the business side of my taxes is almost done), more cleaning (a big refrigerator purge) and more than 2,000 words of writing. I wrote at night for the first time in ages and that seemed to work, but I'm not yet sure if this is going to be a "night" book.

I know my brain is really getting into it because I had the usual writing-related lack of sleep, where my brain decides to keep going after I stop writing, so I've already got the next scene visualized, as well as a few changes to the last scene I wrote. Today I get to meet one of my villains.

I did have a momentary panic with some of my tax organizing. When my agent sends me checks, they come with statements showing what commissions and expenses have been deducted from the publisher payment. Usually I'm pretty good about immediately putting all that info into my spreadsheet, but I knew I had a couple from the end of the year that I hadn't done. I had a vivid memory of a fairly large payment coming at the very end of the year, but I couldn't find that statement anywhere. After tearing up all the places it might have been put, I checked my bank statements, and there were no deposits around that time. A further check of my records revealed that this happened the previous year and had long since been taken care of. I had just somehow remembered it as from the end of last year, and the statements I'd found were the only ones I was supposed to have and there's nothing that hasn't been accounted for. It seems no matter how physically organized I try to be, my brain still plays tricks on me. Which means I need to make even more of an effort to stay organized so I can spot my brain's tricks more easily.

It does look like I'm going to be writing some rather large checks next week. Ugh. I suppose I have to make my contribution to the multi-million dollar bonuses to millionaire financial executives whose companies had to be bailed out (funny, I've never had a job where I got a bonus without the company being profitable).

In the meantime, it is an absolutely gorgeous spring day, and since yesterday's walk seems to have done me a world of good, even if it was just to the post office, I think I need to take another one today.

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