Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Magic of Pen and Paper

I was so, so good yesterday. No, I didn't get the refrigerator decontaminated, but I did a tax-related record-keeping task and even got caught up with that task for this year so far. I got part of the living room straightened. I got a head start on my radio scripts for the week. And I figured out what happens next in the book.

It all came down to the magic of pen and paper. The plan was to make a list of the various things that could happen next, and then maybe one of them would jump out at me. Well, the first thing I wrote down seemed pretty good. And so did the next thing. Then those two things collided and suddenly the scene came to life in a way that made the lead-up to the next major event more tense and exciting. I'll need to tinker with it some, but I think the general idea was probably the best choice. It also helped close a potential plot hole I'd been worrying about that created an alternative course of action for the main character. This eliminates the "well, why didn't she just do that?" obvious question.

So, in general, I'm feeling pretty good.

Oh, and I even cooked dinner, trying out a new recipe. I liked it, which is good because there's a lot left over. It said it made four servings, which isn't a huge amount of leftovers, and I like to make the recipe as-is for the first time before I start cutting it down, so I went with the amounts listed. And now I will be eating this forever. I may have to freeze some of it, as there are probably about six servings left. I don't know how they calculate serving size, but I filled what I think is a standard-size bowl and even went back for a little more. I can't imagine eating even more than that. What is the deal with recipe writers trying to feed armies on "four servings"?

For today's excitement, I plan to take a walk!

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Angie said...

Are you going to share the recipe?