Monday, July 07, 2008

Robot Love

I had a great weekend, but now am utterly exhausted from all the greatness, and I didn't even have any late nights. I must be getting old. I'm looking forward to a quiet day today and catching up on a lot of work stuff I let slide last week. For a hint of how I spent my Saturday, there's this:

That picture comes dangerously close to being a pin-up for Dalek fetishists, but since I'm already the Locus centerfold, I might as well go with it. I seem to be going through a phase where I strike a pose whenever a camera is aimed in my general direction. I guess we'll have to see what fun photos I can get out of WorldCon. (Hmm, possible marketing strategy: become a geek sex symbol?) I didn't realize how sweaty I was until I saw the picture, but that came right after watching the final four Doctor Who episodes of the season in a room with nearly 30 people. Joe Dalek got a minor repair job and face lift right after we took this photo, so he's no longer looking like he just got through a major battle.

And then on Sunday we went to see WALL-E, which is utterly adorable and wonderful. I think this is more of an adult movie than a kids' movie, in spite of it being animated. It either says something about this movie or about the state of Hollywood today that the most touching and moving love story I've seen in ages is about two robots who barely talk beyond saying each other's names. Then again, I'm the freak whose favorite Star Wars character is R2-D2, so it could just be me. Still, you've got to love a science fiction movie about robots that uses the Michael Crawford songs from the movie Hello, Dolly! to underscore the romantic scenes. I need to see this one again on the big screen to pick up all the little details. I'm not sure the movie grill environment was the best for this. It seemed like the waiter waited for the most pivotal moments of the movie to come by distributing checks and stuff. There's one crucial tight point where I don't actually know how they got out of it because that was when the waiter was standing right in front of me and I missed it entirely.

On the agenda for the week: updating my web site to include Don't Hex With Texas info (finally!), dealing with my overflowing e-mail in-box, and revising two synopses. Plus maybe getting back into work on The New Project. I want to have something on that to give my agent in late August. I also want to do more exercise beyond just the dance class. I sang in the "summer choir" at church yesterday (no rehearsal other than just before church), and the choir loft is up really high, so you have to climb stairs to get to it, and I was slightly winded when I got up there, so I'm way out of shape. I'm trying to figure out the best time to exercise. I've been doing it right before dinner, since it tires me out and I don't get much work done afterward, but that cuts into my best working time. Today I'll try before lunch and see if that wipes me out for the afternoon.

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