Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In Need of Tinfoil Hats

Staying the extra day doesn't seem to have made me less tired. It just means I had more fun at the convention. I suspect I'm going to be groggy and slow all day today. It may be more of a reading day than a writing day, once I catch upon e-mail and stuff.

I did catch up on Doctor Who, and after seeing Friday night's Sci Fi Channel episode, I may have to send Stephen Moffat a tinfoil hat and tell him to wear it because there was an element in that episode that I found myself mentally playing with back in February or March, presumably after the episode had already been written, and it was freaky to see it come to life. I don't want to pick up on his brainwaves anymore because that's scary. I still want to play with the concept, but it's still in the concept stage as I don't have a plot or even specific characters to go with it. I imagine it will have to collide with something else in my head in order to produce a story, and my take on it will be more magical than scientific.

Meanwhile, a conversation I had at ApolloCon may actually spur me to write fanfic, as a truly bizarro idea struck me. We were chatting about my Enchanted, Inc. magical universe and how it might be funny to see what a temp would do in that office -- and how you might not be able to tell if the temp didn't notice all the magic or if the temp was just in the "I don't care, please sign my time sheet" zone. I immediately said, "Donna!" and now I think I must write a story in which a pre-Doctor Donna (since the Enchanted, Inc. books take place in late 2005/early 2006) has a temp assignment in the London office of MSI and doesn't notice anything odd. It would only be a partial trademark/copyright issue, as I actually own the rights to most of the characters and situations, and I suppose I could even skirt it by not making it absolutely specific that the "Donna" in the story is actually the Donna Noble of Doctor Who. Not that I'd try to publish it. It might just be something fun and wacky to do on the web site. And I have some other stuff that needs to be done first.

Now I need to see if I can find an alternate viewing method for this weekend's Robin Hood, as it hasn't been posted at OnDemand yet, and sometimes they are lax about skipping weeks. I have a massive bit of silliness related to that to discuss, but it will have to wait until I'm coherent enough to be properly clever.

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