Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drumroll Please: The Great Blog Campaign Winners!

I made a frighteningly long to-do list last night, and I told myself that once I had everything on the list done, then I got to take the rest of the week off. Most of the things are nagging little tasks I've been procrastinating on forever. One was pretty big and took more time than I realized.

However, I have results, finally, for the Great Blog Campaign. Apologies for the delay on this. Part of it was because the project sort of fell through the cracks with the editor who told me I could do it leaving. I got a lot fewer advance copies than I thought I would, and before I got a chance to try to beg, borrow or steal more, my editor was gone. There weren't such a huge number of participants, so I was hoping to manage to give one to everyone who tried, but since I couldn't, I had to make a decision, and I HATE making decisions like that. You should see me trying to order in a restaurant, and this is worse because people are involved. The flu and finishing the book I was working on played a role, but I admit I was mostly procrastinating about making a decision.

I had four books, so I narrowed it down to four categories: Best interview of me, best interview of a character (those judged on the questions), best column/review and best creative project.

Winner for best interview of me goes to Miriam, who got me to delve into magic and the Harry Potter universe (the link to that post no longer works, but maybe we can resurrect it somehow).

Winner for best interview of a character goes to Barratt Miller, who interviewed Katie (and a bonus for creating an Enchanted, Inc. Facebook community).

Winner for best column/review goes to Rena Leisure, who wrote a syndicated newspaper column about how she found the series in the first place and all the adventures she had to go through in order to buy the third book.

Winner for best creative project was LJer Parke Matru (I'm trying to match that to a real name in my records, but if you're out there, give me a shout), who created the Damsel Under Stress book trailer.

There were so many cool things done and submitted, and I got a real nostalgia kick re-reading or reviewing them all. Thanks to everyone who played! I wouldn't mind doing something like that again, but since I don't know what my next book will be, I don't really have anything to offer as a prize. I guess if anyone's interested in doing an interview or guest column thing, even without a prize, I'd certainly be willing.

Now, back to the killer to-do list, with one more item marked off.

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